Daily SOAP: God’s Word Is Great And Glorious

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. Today’s journal comes from reading Isaiah 42.


“The Lord was pleased for His righteousness’ sake to make the law great and glorious.” –Isaiah 42:21


In this chapter, Israel is blind and rebellious. They refused to live according to God’s law. But God would not be defeated by rebellious men; He would prevail. His law would prevail. Men would not obey His law, so they would be judged by His law. God would make –and will still make–His law great and glorious whether people follow Him or not.

God’s law/ Word is magnificent and glorious. He will bless where His Word goes forth; He will not allow it to return void (Isaiah 55:11).


Exalt the Word! Preach the Word! God will bless His word. Human reasoning won’t ultimately save or persuade; God’s Word will give life!


Father , thank You for Your Word. It is glorious. You magnify it. What a sin it is to ignore it or to trust mere human wisdom to change a life. Father, I pray You will magnify Your Word in and through me as I believe it, study it, obey it and teach it!

In Jesus’ name,

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