Daily SOAP: Free From the Love of Money

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. Today’s journal comes from reading Hebrews 13.


“Make sure that your character is free from the love of money, being content with what you have; for He himself has said, “I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you.” –Hebrews 13:5


Most people love money. Believers should not!

Free: to love money is a trap. Financial freedom doesn’t simply mean I have plenty of money; it means I am content with what God has provided for me.

Contentment: the key is to realize I have God! He will never desert me! He provides the things money can’t buy, and these are the things that bring true security, happiness and satisfaction.


Don’t love money. Don’t be greedy for more than I need. Be content. If God increases what I have, be a generous giver. My money is simply stewardship entrusted to me by God. It is His, not mine, and I must use it for the purposes He has designed.

Trust God to meet all my needs in the future as he has in the past.


Father, thank you for being a generous provider who will never desert me. You are my Helper! You are my Provider! All that I have comes from You.

I acknowledge and confess to You the pride that wants to be self-sufficient. I pray along with the Proverb, “Give me neither poverty nor riches” lest I violate integrity in order to survive or lest I have so much I lose sight of my daily need for You. Our culture is so greedy, and I would be naive to think it has not defiled me as well. Help me to be aware and on guard against every form of greedl

Father, fill my heart and soul with love for You and others so that there won’t be room to love money. And with that, help me follow John Wesley’s advice: “Earn all you can; save all you can; give all you can.”

To do so will be good stewardship. Help me to do so without loving money or being defiled by greed.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

Daily SOAP: Perfected In Christ

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. Today’s journal comes from reading Hebrews 10.


“For by one offering He has perfected for all time those who are sanctified.” –Hebrews 10:14


Perfected (Greek: teleioo): To make perfect, complete; to carry through completely, to accomplish, finish, bring to an end. To add what is wanting in order to render a thing whole.

The contemporary definition is to be completely free from fault or defect.


This word should be used and should be adequately defined. Often, when describing their walk with God, Christians will add in the phrase, “Not that I’m perfect.” By this, they mean, “Not that I’m without fault or defect.” And yet, we are “perfect” in that God has accomplished His work of salvation, justification and redemption in us.

We have been made complete/perfect in God’s eyes (our position) even though our daily walk (our condition) is in the process of being made whole, complete and without any flaw.


Father, thank You that through the offering of Your son, Jesus Christ. I have been made perfect, complete, whole! I am forgiven, redeemed and justified by His blood!

But this is not just a positional truth. You are transforming me into this very complete perfection on a day to day basis. Your Spirit is at work in me. You have given me a new heart. You use trials and hardships to make me “perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” (James 1:4).

Hallelujah! Father, keep working in me, I pray. Might I be like soft, moldable clay in Your hands. Change my heart–perfect it in love–I pray.

Make me to be (in experience) what You have already made me to be in Christ!

All for Your glory,

Daily SOAP: Mature Believers Have Discernment

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. Today’s journal comes from reading Hebrews 5.


“But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.” –Hebrews 5:14


Mature Christians need solid food. Unfortunately, many believers are stuck and can only handle milk.

A mature person is someone who has “practiced” the Christian life. He has some time and experience in being a Christian. Therefore, he can discern between good and evil.

An immature person has difficulty discerning between the two.


Be careful not to choke spiritual infants on solid food. Be patient with them. Without becoming arrogant, never forget that my decades of following Christ have taught me things that spiritually young believers don’t know. They still lack discernment but will gain it over time as they practice righteous living.


Father, there is so much to learn and grow in to become mature in Christ. Thank You for all You’ve taught me through the years. Help me stand firm in discernment and teach Your ways to younger believers. Please continue to feed me with solid food.

In Jesus’ name,