Daily SOAP: God Provides Even in the Deserts

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. Today’s journal comes from reading Isaiah 48.


“They did not thirst when He led them through the deserts. He made water flow out of the rock for them; He split the rock and the water gushed forth.” Isaiah 48:21


God led the Israelites into the deserts–a difficult and dangerous place where one would not normally want to go. But while there, He provided for them and met their basic needs–usually in miraculous ways.


Be open to God leading me in ways that might not make sense in my human wisdom.


Father, You always provide my daily necessities. You have led me to places that were risky and humanly lacked sense, but You always took care of our needs. Our culture seems to battle between preparing myself to care of my family and looking to the government to do so.

Personally, I want to look to You! I want Your hand to guide me, protect me, and provide. I want to be a living, breathing, demonstration of the living God showing Himself strong!

And all the world will see and glorify You!


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