Can We Learn Something From The Germanwings Crash?

My heart goes out to the family members of those tragically killed in the Germanwings airline crash. Apparently, the co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane into a mountain, taking his own life and 149 others as well.

As I write, investigators are unsure of his motive, but a break-up with his live-in girlfriend and past bouts with depression are being put forth as potential reason for this dastardly deed. I imagine his former girlfriend and those who treated his depression are overcome with guilt, wondering if there’s something they could have done to prevent this senseless act. I’m sure they never saw it coming.

Which brings this incident to us. What can you and I learn from this? After all, we Christians are in the “business” of healing people’s souls, and this fellow obviously needed a “soul-doctor.”

1. We must take our own disappointments to God and help others to do so as well. Life is full of trials, hardships, and disappointments that are designed to draw people to God. They humble us. Some things are just too difficult to handle without the Lord.

2. Be careful about breaking someone’s heart. Guys and girls enter into relationships way too carelessly these days. They have sex together, move in together, etc without any intention of a life-long commitment to each other. Obviously, many people make it through such relational break-ups, but it’s not what God intended.

Breaking up hurts; it’s supposed to! And we shouldn’t do it. So, be careful about entering a relationship and don’t do things with one another–or send messages to one another–that imply more than the commitment you have made. Specifically, WAIT until marriage to do what only married people should do! And then, keep your commitments whether you feel like it or not!

3. Take mental health issues seriously. Take a person’s threats of suicide seriously. Get them help. Pray for them. Don’t leave them alone. We need one another’s encouragement lest we become hardened by sin and do unimaginable things.

And if you feel so angry and depressed that unimaginably evil thoughts enter your mind, seek help from a trusted friend or pastor immediately.

4. Finally, BAD things happen because the world’s filled with bad people running from God. Let’s do our part to help people find life’s one solution: Jesus Christ.

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