Daily SOAP: Make Them Remember His Deeds

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. Today’s journal comes from reading Isaiah 12.


“And in that day you will say, “Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name. Make known His deeds among the peoples; Make them remember that His name is exalted.” –Isaiah 12:4


People tend to forget the Lord; we are to MAKE them remember who He is. This is a command to evangelize the world!

What are the DEEDS God has done that we tend to forget and must be reminded of?

  • Creation of all that is seen and unseen
  • Jesus’ life, death and resurrection
  • Fulfilled prophecy of the nations
  • Personal prayers that He answers


Pay careful attention to the things God has done and is doing. Recognize His work, appreciate it, praise Him, and then, TELL others.


Father, You have, indeed, done wonderful things! The whole earth bears witness to Your wisdom, power, love, and goodness. Jesus bears witness to Your love, mercy and justice. It saddens me that the world robs You of this glory. It’s even sadder when believers fail to appreciate Your deeds of creation and redemption. Give me strength and wisdom to know how I can talk of You often and “make the peoples remember” that You are exalted.


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