Daily SOAP: God’s Special Treasure

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. Today’s journal comes from reading Psalm 135.


“Praise the Lord for the Lord is good; Sing praises to His name, for it is lovely. For the Lord has chosen Jacob for Himself, Israel for His own possession [special treasure]. ” –Psalm 135:3-4


Of all the beautiful things in this world–mountains, oceans, stars, plains, trees, gems–the Lord’s special treasure is the people He has chosen to be His own. He treasures His people; we are His possession.


I need to treasure God’s people as well. I want to love and value/treasure God’s people the way He does! Every Christian has something beautiful in them worthy treasuring–Jesus Christ. Learn not to see believers according to the flesh but to see Jesus in them!


Father, I praise You for Your amazing love. You humble Yourself to care for, love and treasure people/me! How awesome that the one who has access to the entire universe would consider us to be His special treasure.

O, Lord, soften my heart and open my eyes to see this treasure in every believer and this potential in every person. Fill me with Your love for others, I pray!

In Jesus’ Name,

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