Daily SOAP: Consider What God Has Done

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. Today’s journal comes from reading Psalm 143.


“I will remember the days of old; I meditate on all Your doings; I muse on all the work of Your hands.” –Psalm 143:5


God is at work all the time and all around us. But due to our pride and spiritual blindness, we don’t notice His sovereign hand unless we stop and think about it–ponder it, consider it, meditate on it.


Slow down, think and proactively consider what God HAS DONE so that I may be more aware of what He IS DOING now.


Father, I forget so easily the wonderful ways you have worked in my life. I get busy and bothered by little, temporary things without remembering how You work in “Big Picture” ways. But not even a sparrow falls to the ground without Your notice; how much more are You at work in Your children.

Father, I thank You for Your work in my life, in my family, in my ministry, in GCC, in my church, in my nation and in creation. Thank You for how You have brought me through trials, grown me, brought people into my life, provided for me and used me in Your service. You are so faithful. I praise You, thank you and love You!

In Jesus’ Name,

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